Player Grading Simplified

Empower your players with knowledge to compete at the highest level through a fully customizable player grading system.

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Our mission is to help elevate high school and college football programs through simplified grading software and dynamic analytics.

  • Grade Players
  • Generate Reports
  • Visualize Trends

Grade players on their performance throughout the season and across key situations based on your evaluation style. Provide specific feedback to players with individual notes. Identify and analyze player performance over time with our practice and game reports. Watch player and team performance patterns with our visual tools.

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Football Coach Grading App
Football Coach Depth Chart App
  • Create Player Accounts
  • Personalize Depth Charts
  • Provide Instant Feedback

Create depth charts and custom packages to fit your team’s needs. Enter a set of key performance indicators that best represents your evaluation style. Provide specific feedback to players with individual notes.

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  • Compare Players
  • Promote Competition
  • Develop Your Program

Foster constructive competitive environments through the player comparison feature. Provide your student-athletes with the opportunity to succeed by instructing them in a familiar way- through “classroom-like” grading systems providing real-time feedback on how to improve.

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Football Coach Reporting Website
Football Grading & Analytics App

Built by Athletes, Informed by Coaches

CoachTools was founded a trio of former college athletes passionate about helping coaches build winning programs. Our platform is influenced by conversations with over 600 experienced football coaches, just like you.

Football Grading & Analytics App

Built for High School & Collegiate Football Coaches

Designed to streamline coaching workflows for high school football and collegiate football programs, enhancing your decision-making and improving your program faster.