Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing

On episode 99 of First Down by CoachTools, we dive into the football career of Danny Schaechter, from his start as an equipment manager to becoming the offensive coordinator at Libertyville High School. Discover the essence of football coaching, life balance, and the power of networking in football.

Starting Small, Dreaming Big

Danny’s coaching journey began at Illinois State University. His passion and dedication quickly elevated him through various roles across the nation, including stints at Jack Britt High School, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Junior College, Arkansas Tech University, Gonzaga College High School, and finally, Libertyville High School. His story is a testament to the impact of perseverance.

Coaching Philosophy: Beyond Tactics

Delving into the heart of coaching, Danny emphasizes the critical balance between dedication and life outside the game. He offers insights into designing football drills that reflect real-game scenarios and the increasing role of biomechanics in coaching. This episode is a goldmine for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of football strategies.

Human Connections in Football

Highlighting the human aspect of football, Danny underlines the importance of building relationships with players, coaches, and fans. His advice for aspiring coaches is clear: maintain your passion, prioritize personal connections, and remember why you started.

The Impact of Coaching Talent

A highlight of Danny’s career was coaching Caleb Williams at Gonzaga College High School, a quarterback prodigy whose records at USC underscore Danny’s influence. Williams’ achievements, including setting the USC single-season record for total offense and winning the Heisman Trophy, reflect the pivotal role coaches play in shaping careers.


Danny Schaechter’s journey in coaching offers valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of the profession. His story inspires us to pursue our football dreams with determination and to cherish the relationships built along the way. Tune in to Episode 99 for a deep dive into the world of coaching. To improve your coaching efficiency, check out CoachTools player grading software.