CoachTools 25 Under 25 Spotlight: Aristides Leitao Da Graca

Celebrating Aristides Leitao Da Graca: A Multifaceted Young Leader

At CoachTools, we are excited to announce Aristides Leitao Da Graca as one of our distinguished 25 Under 25 recipients. Aristides’ diverse experiences and unwavering commitment to his community make him a standout young leader in the world of sports and beyond.

Pursuing Excellence in Sports Management and Coaching

Aristides is currently pursuing a major in Sports Management with a coaching minor at Curry College. His academic endeavors are complemented by his active role as a youth football coach, where he aims to inspire and guide young athletes with his knowledge and passion for the sport. His dedication to coaching embodies the essence of mentorship and leadership.

Beyond his academic and coaching responsibilities, Aristides has made significant contributions to his community. He has gained valuable experience working with the Boston Fire Department, earning CPR and first aid certifications, which he applies in his role as a public safety officer at Berklee College of Music. This commitment highlights his dedication to the well-being and safety of those around him.

Championing Diversity and Inclusion

Aristides’ background in community outreach work for diversity and inclusion at Westwood High School underscores his dedication to fostering inclusivity and making a positive impact. His efforts in this area reflect his compassion and commitment to creating a better community for all.

A Future Leader in Sports and Beyond

Aristides Leitao Da Graca’s journey is a testament to his drive, compassion, and multifaceted abilities. We at CoachTools are proud to recognize him as one of our 25 Under 25. His diverse experiences and achievements exemplify the qualities of a true leader and mentor.

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