Justin Titchenell

Top Five Traits of Highest Performing Football Coaches

Everyone wants to be great. Yet only a handful successfully rise to the top. As Aristotle once said, “choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” Daily choices form habits which determine  success or lack thereof. It takes consistent and calculated action over time. Derived from conversations with nearly a thousand football coaches from 2020 to 2023,… Read More »

National Champion Success Story

There’s no substitute for hard work. That is why sports are the perfect parallel to life. There is so much to learn from premier athletes. Consider how top athletes succeed in all types of ventures once their playing careers are complete. When presented with the opportunity to speak with top athletes, I always take full advantage.… Read More »

Why Persevering Football Players Succeed

Why do we see stars from college football fail big when they turn pro? Does it have to do with a lack of talent? Or is it something else? Think about a player like Carson Wentz. He was as talented as any young player in the league when he was drafted. After he took the… Read More »

The Basics of College Recruiting for Student Athletes

For those aspiring, this time of year has thousands of high school student athletes thinking about college recruitment. Playing at the next level is a privilege that only 7% of the 8,000,000 high school athletes enjoy. The college recruiting process can be stressful. To provide some insight into the process, Alex Raimondo and I spoke… Read More »

The Impact of Disciplined Football Players

Disciplined football players elevate the performance of their teams. Consider the impact of players like Tom Brady and Jerry Rice in their respective primes. Yes, it helps to have premier talent, but we all know it takes more than that. As the quarterback of the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady has… Read More »