Justin Titchenell

How To Keep Progress Over the Summer in D-III Football

Spring football practice is over and the summer is finally here. Fall camp is approaching soon. In less than three months when the players strap on the pads, their hard work, or lack thereof, will be revealed. At the NCAA D-III level, summer football participation is prohibited on campus. Unlike Power Five and Division I… Read More »

How to Inspire Your Team as a Football Coach

CoachTools helps football coach make smart decisions .

Our team of former collegiate athletes from Division III, Gettysburg College, have played on both winning and losing teams throughout our careers. We have experienced the different ways that coaches interact with players and go about inspiring them. If we learned one thing from our athletic experiences, it’s that we know what players want from… Read More »

Top Ways to Engage Injured Football Players

No matter the sport or the level of competition, injuries are not fun to experience. Injuries completely disrupt an athlete’s life and never happen at convenient times. Football players tend to experience injuries multiple times a season, especially at the collegiate or professional levels. Football players have become accustomed to playing through the pain and… Read More »

Top Ways to Make Your Football Practice Habits Better

Practicing without a specific goal in mind is as useless as not practicing at all. Athletes need to put all of their focus into their craft and deliberately make efforts to get better at whatever it is they are doing. In my experience as a collegiate athlete at Gettysburg College, this holds true both on… Read More »