CoachTools Football Coaching Podcast - Episode 97

Winning as a Young Head College Football Coach with Jeff Long

Featured Football Coach: Jeff Long from Moravian University

On Episode 97 of First Down by CoachTools, we dive deep into the world of football coaching with Jeff Long. Long is the head football coach at Moravian University. With a wealth of experience from playing collegiate football to coaching at various institutions, Jeff shares the invaluable lessons of hard work, dedication, and the significance of a supportive environment in the journey to success.

About Episode 97 of First Down

From playing at Muhlenberg College to becoming head coach at Moravian University, Jeff discusses his career path and transitioning from playing to coaching. Emphasizing the importance of hard work, dedication, and a blue-collar mentality, Jeff and host Justin Titchenell explore the critical elements that contribute to success in the coaching field. The conversation sheds light on surrounding oneself with people who encourage growth, the willingness to tackle any task, and the significance of continuous learning and embracing new challenges.

Jeff Long’s Football Journey

Jeff’s tenure at Moravian Univeristy and John Carroll University showcases remarkable accomplishments. Namely leading the most program wins since 2019 at Moravian and a record-breaking defense at John Carroll. Between 2017-2023, Jeff helped contribute to exceptional defensive records at John Carroll University. Including the highest sacks per game in College Football across all divisions. At Moravian, achievements under Jeff’s leadership include record-breaking performances by QB Jared Jenkins and WR Jordan Bingham.

Before coaching at Moravian Univeristy, Long made significant impacts at John Carroll University and Wilkes University. His journey is a testament to the impact of perseverance, strategic thinking, and a passion for football coaching.

Tune into Episode 97 for a deep dive on the strategies, philosophies, and personal experiences that Long brings to coaching. Whether you’re a budding coach, a football enthusiast, or someone interested in the behind-the-scenes of sports success stories, this episode offers valuable insights and inspiration. Subscribe to First Down by CoachTools for more content like this!

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