CoachTools 25 under 25 Spotlight: Parker Kizer

We are excited to announce that Parker Kizer has been named to the esteemed CoachTools 25 under 25 list! Parker’s dedication to coaching and his impactful journey make him a deserving honoree.

Parker Kizer is the tight ends coach for the Titans at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. His passion for football, ignited at a young age and further fueled by his playing career and injuries, led him to transition into coaching. After a year at Luther College, Parker joined the River Falls coaching staff, bringing his experience and enthusiasm to the Division III level.

Parker’s close age to the athletes allows him to understand and improve their mental health while maintaining a professional relationship. His commitment to the team’s goals and enthusiasm for competing for a national championship are evident in his coaching approach.

Congratulations, Parker Kizer, on this well-deserved recognition. Your journey, passion, and impact on your athletes exemplify the spirit of the CoachTools 25 under 25 program. We look forward to seeing your continued success and contributions to the world of coaching.

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