98. Coaching, Connections & Balance with Spencer Crace

On Episode 98 of First Down Football Coaching Podcast, Justin spoke with Spencer Crace, Offensive Coordinator at Pacific Lutheran University. They explore the art of building meaningful relationships and the significance of maintaining a balanced life both on and off the field. Dive into Spencer’s early exposure to coaching, stemming from a family deeply entrenched in the sport, and discover how this upbringing carved his path into the coaching realm. Learn about Spencer’s journey in cultivating a robust network and the pivotal role of genuine connections in propelling one’s football coaching career forward.

About Episode 98 of First Down: A Football Coaching Podcast

Gain invaluable insights on navigating the coaching landscape, with practical tips on effective networking. Hear Spencer emphasize the balance between professional aspirations and personal life, advocating for a holistic approach to success in coaching.

Spencer Crace

Joining the PLU football staff in spring 2018, Spencer Crace has quickly risen through the ranks to Assistant Head Coach. With a history of success, including contributions to a top passing attack at the University of Puget Sound, Spencer brings a wealth of experience to the table. His academic achievements in communications and leadership complement his on-field prowess, making him a distinguished figure in collegiate football.

Finding Balance as a Football Coach

Justin and Spencer spoke about the impact of family and upbringing on career choices in sports. Furthermore, they spoke about strategies for fostering authentic relationships within the football coaching community. Whether you’re an aspiring coach, veteran, or sports enthusiast, this episode offers wisdom and guidance from a rising coaching star.

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