A Conversation with Adam Breneman


In this episode of First Down by CoachTools, Justin Titchenell sat down with football media personality, former coach, and All-American, Adam Breneman. As a former highly talented recruit from Central Pennsylvania, Breneman shared his experience of getting his first offer from Boston College and almost committing to the Eagles. He emphasized the importance of recruiting as the lifeblood of a coach’s program, as it is 80% talent acquisition and 20% talent development. A good recruiter needs to be tenacious, have a strong work ethic, and relate to high school athletes and their families. Great recruiters are those who grind on the recruiting trail and relentlessly. Adam then shared his transition from playing football to coaching and how he wanted to become a head coach after seeing the success of head coaches like James Franklin at Penn State. He started working as a graduate assistant coach at Arizona State University and was quickly offered a job as the Tight End coach after just 10 months.

The Recruitment Process

Adam Breneman’s journey into the realm of college football began in a surprising manner. Despite not being a standout athlete during his early years, he blossomed into an All-American. His recruitment journey kicked off with an offer from Boston College, which almost led to an instant commitment. However, with his father’s wise counsel, Adam held back and paved the way for a series of offers that catapulted his journey to new heights.

Reflecting on the changes in recruiting over the past decade, Adam highlighted the transformation of the process into an industry of its own. The days of sporadic newspaper coverage have given way to constant news cycles, rankings, and social media presence. High school athletes seeking to make their mark are advised to craft a professional online persona, initiate communication with coaches, and pay meticulous attention to details. Adam’s advice underscores the importance of proactive engagement and a professional demeanor.

Transitioning from Player to Coach

After being forced to retire due to injury, Adam transitioned from player to football coach. He initially hadn’t envisioned a coaching career, but witnessing the impact of program-building coaches like Coach Franklin at Penn State ignited his interest. Embarking on the path of a graduate assistant at Arizona State, Adam’s determination to become a standout recruiting GA shone through. His story underscores the significance of ambition, relentless effort, and the ability to recognize and seize opportunities.

Confidence, communication, and charisma emerged as the cornerstone qualities that both athletes and coaches must possess. Adam emphasized that confidence often develops as a result of accumulating evidence through hard work. The ability to communicate effectively and relate to players and their families is pivotal, and charisma can further amplify the impact of a coach’s presence.

As our conversation with Adam came to a close, he left aspiring athletes and coaches with practical advice. He urged young athletes to stack confidence by stacking proof of their dedication, stressing that hard work is the foundation of building trust in oneself. Adam emphasized the significance of social media presence, reaching out to coaches, and maintaining attention to detail as crucial elements of the recruitment process.


Adam Breneman’s journey from a late bloomer to an accomplished player and coach is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His insights provide a roadmap for aspiring athletes and coaches navigating the complex world of football. From evolving recruiting landscapes to the transition from player to coach, Adam’s story serves as an inspiration to all those who strive to leave their mark on the gridiron and beyond.

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