CoachTools 25 Under 25 Spotlight: Payton Gibbs

Celebrating Payton Gibbs: A Rising Star in Coaching

Payton Gibbs, a 12-year-old football coach, has already made significant strides in the football community. Recognized as a CoachTools 25 under 25 recipient, Payton’s journey is both inspiring and groundbreaking.

Payton has served as an honorary coach at the University of Massachusetts. Her duties included attending pregame meetings, dining with players, and charting defensive plays during games. “It was a great experience,” Payton recalls.

Breaking Barriers and Setting New Standards

Payton, who is on the autism spectrum, uses her unique abilities and passion for the game to break down barriers and set new standards in coaching. Her father, PJ Gibbs, the defensive coordinator at Golden Gate High School, has been a significant influence, mentoring her and sharing his love for the game.

Payton’s aspirations are nothing short of inspiring. She aims to coach at North Carolina State University and ultimately achieve her dream of coaching in the NFL. Her football IQ and dedication have earned her recognition and support from coaches and peers alike. “Defense wins championships,” she confidently asserts.

Inspiring Future Generations

Payton’s journey is a testament to her resilience and passion. She has connected with influential figures in the football world, such as Kathleen Wood, a scout for the Cleveland Browns, and continues to thrive academically and athletically at Royal Palm Academy.

We at CoachTools are proud to recognize Payton Gibbs as one of our 25 under 25. Her story is a shining example of breaking barriers and pursuing one’s dreams with relentless drive. Her dedication and passion for football make her a role model for young, aspiring coaches everywhere.

3 responses to “CoachTools 25 Under 25 Spotlight: Payton Gibbs”

  1. Ruth Gibbs says:

    Payton is my granddaughter and I an beyond proud of her. Her parents have always been in her corner, helping Payton excel in everything she wanted to do and helping her when sh would get so frustrated. There is no doubt that Payton will be a coach.❤️

  2. Jim Brown says:

    Awesome job! So proud of you Payton!

  3. George Najjar says:

    A wonderful story about a wonderful family dedicated and devoted to fulfilling a passion as DAD and Daughter
    May they continue on their journey and open up doors for many young men and women in the future

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