Setting Football Player Expectations & Accountability

Football Player

The Eye in The Sky Never Lies for Football Players Football players and coaches spend time every day examining their performance. Film has given us the opportunity to readily analyze players’ every movement, alignment, and technique. As the old cliché goes, “the eye in the sky never lies”. Like it or not, it is essential to… Read More »

What Makes For an Elite Quarterback?


The days of the classic drop-back passer are a thing of the past. About 30 years ago, when Dick Vermeil took the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl, his quarterback was Ron “Jaws” Jaworski. Let’s just say that speed was not Jaws’ forte, averaging 1.4 rush attempts per game with 3.3 yards per carry during… Read More »

CoachTools’ Top Offensive Linemen Traits

It is no mystery that the game of football is won and lost in the trenches. Just look at recent NFL Super Bowl champion teams like the Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Philadelphia Eagles. These teams have prioritized “beefing-up” their lines. The 2017 Eagles had three First Team All Pro offensive linemen alone.… Read More »

The Importance of Film Scouting

Analyzing Film in Today’s Game Today’s game of football is complex, intricate, and ultra-competitive. One step in the wrong direction can result in a missed block that can bust the play. Furthermore, consistent mistakes will be exploited by the opponent. To best position themselves for success, college and high school football programs spend months preparing… Read More »

The Importance of Summer Preparation

Proper Preparation For most high school students, summer is a time to relax, get away on vacation, and enjoy the warm weather. As student-athletes, particularly football players, summer entails much more. The summer months are a crucial time where proper preparation is vital to the success of any high school football team. This is not… Read More »