From Pen and Paper to Modern Coaching: The Pitfalls of Old Player Grading Methods

In the fast-paced world of modern sports, coaches are continually seeking ways to enhance player performance and elevate their teams to new heights. However, traditional methods of player grading, such as using pen and paper, can pose significant challenges in achieving these goals. In this blog post, we will explore the problems that coaches face… Read More »

Dominating the Trenches: Mastering Three Pass Rush Techniques for College Defensive Ends

In the realm of college football, the pass rush is a critical component of any team’s defensive strategy. Defensive line coaches play a vital role in teaching their defensive ends effective pass rushing techniques. Drawing inspiration from the legendary defensive ends of professional football, including Reggie White, Aaron Donald, and Jared Allen, this article explores… Read More »

Accelerate Player Excellence through Performance Analytics

Football has been a game of strategy and physicality since its inception. With the advent of technology, we have witnessed a new era of sports where analytics and data-driven decision-making have become integral to success. Football coaches are increasingly turning towards analytics tools to help them make better decisions and win more games. In this… Read More »

Top Five Traits of Highest Performing Football Coaches

Everyone wants to be great. Yet only a handful successfully rise to the top. As Aristotle once said, “choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” Daily choices form habits which determine  success or lack thereof. It takes consistent and calculated action over time. Derived from conversations with nearly a thousand football coaches from 2020 to 2023,… Read More »

National Champion Success Story

There’s no substitute for hard work. That is why sports are the perfect parallel to life. There is so much to learn from premier athletes. Consider how top athletes succeed in all types of ventures once their playing careers are complete. When presented with the opportunity to speak with top athletes, I always take full advantage.… Read More »