The Importance of Being a Student-Athlete

The perception of the modern-day football player is that they’re just a typical dumb jock. Why is it so important to eliminate this stereotype?

Necessary Skills Besides Physical Strength

It’s no question that football is one of, if not the, most physically demanding sports on the face of the earth.  What are some of the keys to ensuring that both you and your body are ready by the time the season rolls around?  While physical strength plays a significant role in on-the-field success, several other factors are just as important, like mental strength, speed/movement, and practicing healthy habits off of the field. 

Lessons Taken from the Football Field into Life

The lessons taken from the football field and brought to everyday life.  Specifically, being disciplined, motivated, and accountable, being able to handle criticism, and being able to get up after being knocked down, both literally and figuratively.

How to Inspire Your Team as a Football Coach

CoachTools helps football coach make smart decisions .

Our team of former collegiate athletes from Division III, Gettysburg College, have played on both winning and losing teams throughout our careers. We have experienced the different ways that coaches interact with players and go about inspiring them. If we learned one thing from our athletic experiences, it’s that we know what players want from… Read More »