Chase Piro

Keys to Dominating Prospect Camps

What are the best ways to ensure that you’re ready to put your best foot forward at summer prospect camps?

What Makes a Screen Pass Successful?

The screen pass is the ultimate tendency breaker for a defense. In order to be successful, a screen play requires impeccable timing, good acting, and calling the play at the right moment.

The Art of the Run-Pass Option 

The RPO offers the best of both worlds based on the actions of one key player. This post covers some variations of this awesome concept.

Morality in the Game of Football?

Morality in the Game of Football? From a young age, athletes look up to NFL superstars in hopes that one day they can be just like them.  The real question is if certain NFL superstars should be considered role models.  While scoring a game-winning touchdown or throwing for 500 yards in a game is cool… Read More »

Six Tactics to Motivate Athletes

In 2020, Ohio University (2020) compiled the six best tips and tricks for coaches to use to motivate their players. This blog gives a brief rundown of each tip and trick and explains why they’re important.