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The Impact of Disciplined Football Players

Disciplined football players elevate the performance of their teams. Consider the impact of players like Tom Brady and Jerry Rice in their respective primes. Yes, it helps to have premier talent, but we all know it takes more than that. As the quarterback of the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady has… Read More »

Adapting to the Strength of Football Teams

Football Grading & Analytics App

Through decades of unprecedented success, the New England Patriots and winning are synonymous. What has made this dynasty particularly special? It certainly helped to have the greatest of all time at the helm in Tom Brady. At the same time, no single man wins a football game. Is it Bellichick? To what extent does coaching… Read More »

Applying Football Analytics to Decisions

Football analytics help coaches determine the difference between statistical output and true performance. Statistical output often varies from true performance. Traditional statistics do partially gauge player ability, but they fail to paint the full picture. If players perform poorly, coaches can confirm or negate through analytics. Analytical approaches can help one deduce a few outcomes… Read More »

Importance of Proper In Season Training 

Summer is over, the pads are thudding, football season is officially in full swing. After months of training preparation in the weight room, players are in their best shape during this time of year. What happens when camp is over and games finally roll around? The grueling season filled with bumps, bruises, and fatigue disrupt… Read More »

Setting Football Player Expectations & Accountability

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The Eye in The Sky Never Lies for Football Players Football players and coaches spend time every day examining their performance. Film has given us the opportunity to readily analyze players’ every movement, alignment, and technique. As the old cliché goes, “the eye in the sky never lies”. Like it or not, it is essential to… Read More »